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Storm and Silence is a historical fiction and romance book series written by Robert Thier. As of 2018, there are eight books in the entire series canonically. The series has gained extensive popularity online, with over one hundred million cumulative reads on the online community Wattpad and over six million reads on the Radish Fiction App.

The story follows the adventures of Lilly Linton, a fiery feminist living in 19th-century London, determined to earn her freedom and independence when her life is turned upside down after a chance encounter with the ruthless financial business magnate, Mr Ambrose.


Main series

Currently, there are six books in the main series. For each book initially, the chapters are individually uploaded on a weekly basis onto Radish and then Wattpad. When completed, they are edited and published as an individual book both electronically and in paperback. However, the first book is an exception to this as chapters were uploaded to Wattpad only at the time and then the book was self-published since the author did not start using Radish until the second book. 

The following is a chronological list of the main books formatted as: Title (year initially uploaded online | year officially published).


The prequel takes place shortly before the beginning of the first book in the main series. It is a stand-alone novella that was commissioned by Radish Fiction and is exclusively on the mobile app. 

Side story

The following work takes place in between the second and third book of the main series. It was written in thanks from the author to the fanbase for voting for the first book from the main series in the Romance category for the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards.


A spin-off story takes place after the seventh book of the main series. It focuses on the adventure of Lilly's friend, Amy Weston, and Lord Patrick Day.

Alternative spin-off

Sometime while Storm and Silence was being written, the author was offered an opportunity to write a spin-off story in an alternate reality by Lionsgate Films to promote its film, The Age of Adaline. The story is set within the theme of the film and is non-canon in regards to the main series.


  • The inspiration for the series stemmed from the Suffragist and Chartist movements in the 19th-century that the author extensively studied during university.[1]
  • Publishers did not want to publish the first book of the main series as they thought it was too long. Thus, the author decided to self-publish and was able to cover publication costs through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.[2] The subsequent books in the main series followed suit and have also been self-published.


The front covers of the books from the main series, featuring Mr Ambrose.