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Lord Day and Lady Night is a spin-off book in the Storm and Silence series by Robert Thier. The book chronologically takes place after New Storm Rising and focuses on the adventures of Amy Weston. It is currently being updated on Wattpad and the Radish Fiction App. The first chapter was uploaded onto Radish on October 2019.    


The rich. The powerful. Those are the men Amy has always despised, because the only thing they've ever done is use her.

So...what is she doing with HIM?

Lord Patrick Day, descendant of a noble line, with enough arrogance for ten kings and the looks to go with it, is exactly the kind of man Amy hates the most. And yet, now he is the only hope she has.

A sinister conspiracy. A young woman, hurt and broken. And a powerful man, who was never, ever meant to be with the likes of her. Together, can they take on the darkest depths of the London underworld?




  1. Wham, Bam, No Thank You Ma'am
  2. Vengeance on the Wicked
  3. Present
  4. Reunion
  5. The True Story
  6. One against the World
  7. Knight in Shining Armor
  8. Pity and Pride
  9. Plans for the Night
  10. Teaching a Lesson
  11. Shearing the Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
  12. Straight into the Dark
  13. Copper is thicker than Iron
  14. Conscription
  15. Fighting Dirty
  16. Breaking In
  17. The Turbanator
  18. A Dangerous Game
  19. Numbers and Names
  20. Innocent Little Holiday
  21. In the Dark of the Night
  22. In the Night the Shadows Come
  23. Together
  24. DeLacy's Delivery
  25. Home Sweet Home
  26. Family
  27. Attack on the Fortress
  28. The Subterranean Suite
  29. Fight for Freedom
  30. The Morning After
  31. Marvelously Matchmaking Mother
  32. Cat Ass Trophy
  33. Paper Explosion
  34. Take them Down
  35. A Visit to an Old Friend
  36. Miss Amy Weston, the Wonder of Charitableness
  37. Freshly Fabricated Relatives
  38. The Perfect Disguise
  39. The Difference between Day and Night
  40. Secrets in the Forbidden Room
  41. The Gorgons' Glare
  42. Together in the Darkness
  43. Joy in the Morning
  44. Beards for Breakfast
  45. Pa-tricking People
  46. Flo's Fiery Plans
  47. Tigress in the Castle
  48. The Lord's Sword of Vengeance
  49. Surprise Hospital Inspection
  50. The Flames of Vengeance
  51. An Offal Morning
  52. The Duke's Barbecue
  53. Surprise, Surprise!
  54. The Imaginary Girlfriend Strikes Again!
  55. WANTED: Lord Patrick Day, Bank Robber and Serial Killer
  56. Help from the Police
  57. Playing Whack-A-Cop
  58. Fishy Clothing
  59. Fighting Dirty
  60. Happy Reunion of Student and Teacher
  61. Tasty Treats


  • Amy Weston
  • Patrick Day