She is the woman that is worse than Ifrit. I do not disagree with a woman that is worse than Ifrit.Karim to Mr Ambrose

Karim is a prominent recurring character in the Storm and Silence series. He is employed as Mr. Ambrose's personal bodyguard.

Early Life


Throughout the Series

Silent Night

On Christmas Eve of 1839, Karim was accompanying Mr Ambrose through the wintry streets of London. When someone suddenly appeared in front of them, his employer incapacitated the stranger. Karim picked up the man from the ground and pinned him to the wall, interrogating him at knifepoint. He demanded to know who sent him to follow them and the man stammered that he wasn't following anyone and was only going to the local orphanage. Mr Ambrose spotted a small present on the ground and ordered Karim to let the man go. He complied and Mr Ambrose then grabbed the man, threatening him one last time– saying it would be the last thing he ever did if he ever told anyone whom he saw. Shoving the stranger away, they both continued onwards to their destination, with the houses becoming shabbier and the streets growing darker. They finally stopped in front of a store in an alley and Mr Ambrose affirmed from Karim that the owner was discreet. Before stepping inside the establishment, he threatened Karim to not tell anyone about his business lest his wish to become a dead man.

Physical Appearance

Karim is a broad, muscular and extremely tall Indian man. He has a dark complexion with black eyes, crooked nose and black, long, shapely beard that covers most of the rest of his face. He wears a turban over his head that fully covers his hair. Along the belt of his clothes, he sports many weapons that he is handy with, the most recognizable of which is a sabre. He is also handy with a machine gun, as demonstrated in Silence is Golden.


Similar to his employer, Karim is a man of few words. He has a Muslim background, speaks many languages like Rikkard does, and prefers to keep within the strict bounds of propriety. That includes the Victorian attitudes towards modesty, shown when Lilly keeps Karim at bay by threatening to take off her clothes in the jungle, as well as attitudes stemming from his background. [1]


Rikkard Ambrose

No. I employ him as the man who scares people into keeping their mouths shut.Mr Ambrose

Mr Ambrose and Karim's relationship is best described as the relationship between a master and his loyal right-hand man. Karim is devoted to serving his master and never hesitates in fulfilling Mr Ambrose's commands. Mr Ambrose always brings him along wherever he goes and trusts him to take care of his enemies.

Lilly Linton

She really is Ifrit, Sahib! She can walk through walls and appear out of thin air!Karim to Mr Ambrose about Lilly, Storm and Silence

Karim's relationship with Lilly is a rather innocent and childish dislike towards each other, though it holds its own as less of hatred, and more of a teasing dynamic. During Silence is Golden, he teaches her Portuguese. In Silence Breaking, their relationship noticeably flourished, as he saw his role of being her bodyguard in addition to her employer's, showing that he actually cares for her. In Storm of Bells, the two's connection has bloomed into one of a playful yet caring friendship.

Daniel Dalgliesh






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