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My aunt tried to teach me manners, but it never worked. It's why I went into the army. In the army, you don't have to say anything, just do what you're told, so nobody has noticed what a colossal scoundrel I am, yet.

–Captain Carter to Lilly, Storm and Silence

Captain James Carter is a prominent recurring character in the Storm and Silence series. He is one of Lilly's closest friends, and over the course of the story, his feelings for her gradually change.

Early Life


Throughout the Series

Physical Appearance

Captain Carter is described to be a tall, well-built young man with shoulder-length, curly mahogany hair and a small, triangular-shaped patch of facial hair on his chin. He is noted to have warm brown eyes and a roguish smile, with the reputation of a ladies' man. His usual attire consists of the English Army uniform: dark trousers and shiny red coat. However the first time he encounters the heroine, he's dressed in a dark blue tailcoat and a waistcoat decorated with golden tigers.


Captain Carter is shown to have an easygoing, lighthearted personality, often joking whenever he is with Lilly and is also a frequent drinker during his spare time. However, during less humorous situations, he is shown to have a more serious side, such as when he is on duty or during romantic situations. Having an authoritative position in the English Army, he is known to be an adept fighter and leader, constantly traveling all over the world from being dispatched on missions.