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Hunting for Silence is the fifth book in the Storm and Silence series by Robert Thier. It is free to read on both Wattpad and the Radish Fiction App. The first chapter was uploaded onto Radish on March 2018.


British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his lady love behind to knit socks and twiddle her thumbs.

Left behind alone? That is not something Lilly Linton is willing to put up with! Determined to show her boss who’s boss, she embarks on her most dangerous adventure yet, armed with the most powerful weapon of all: love—and, just in case, her trusted revolver.




  1. A Tail With a Beard
  2. Plans for the Future
  3. The Great Reveal
  4. The Price of Love
  5. My First Time
  6. A Lady's Hero
  7. Feeding the Homeless and the Blackmailers
  8. The Admiral's Operation
  9. The Truth
  10. The Ifrit and the Banshee
  11. The Return of the Yellow Piggies
  1. Investigating
  2. City of Love, Bacon, and Eggs
  3. Dalgliesh’s Plan
  4. New Arrivals
  5. The Singing Butt
  6. Offence is the Best Defence
  7. Memorable Moments
  8. Thinking Inside the Box
  9. Plots within Plots
  10. A Special 'Arse Connection
  11. A Wolf in Jackal's Clothing
  12. The Peaceful French Countryside
  1. A Crappy Fighter
  2. The Governor-General
  3. Healing Stone
  4. A Big One on the Finger
  5. Homecoming Surprise
  6. A Lady Taking Charge
  7. Pretty Flowers and their Uses
  8. Disorderly Orders
  9. A Beautiful Bowl of Carrots
  10. Cold, Hard Commitment
  11. Revelations—
  12. —hit!
  13. Knock, Knock!

Bonus chapters:

  1. Meeting of Misers
  2. A Warning to the Grim Reaper (Ambrose POV)