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...although Ella is as beautiful as the Goddess of the Morning and as sweet as honey, she can be a bit of an idiot, sometimes.

Lilly to her uncle, Silence is Golden

Ella Linton is a recurring supporting character in the Storm and Silence series. She is Lilly's younger sister, making her the youngest sibling of the Linton family. For years, she has been in a secret romantic relationship with her next-door neighbor's son, Edmund Conway, which progresses throughout the story.

Early Life


Throughout the Series

Physical Appearance

Ella has bright, large, almond-shaped blue eyes, blonde hair and a cream-coloured complexion. With a slender figure, her clothing is that of the typical attire of the time period– consisting of a pale cotton gown with wide sleeves and trimmings, complete with a corset, crinoline and a whalebone hoopskirt.


Ella has a timid yet gentle personality, with an optimistic outlook– always choosing to believe the best of others albeit quite often to the point of naivety. She typically adheres to what others tell her, although choosing to rebel and stand up for herself if it's for a cause that she feels quite strongly for. At times, she has shown to have a more dominant side, surprising enough to the point of making others automatically comply to her requests. She is very affectionate to those that she is close with and usually honest as well.


Edmund Conway


Lilly Linton

Older sister

Hester Brank


Phillip Wilkins