Daniel Dalgliesh

Blackmail is such an ugly word...On the other hand, I like ugly words. Particularly when applied to my enemies.Lord Dalgliesh to Lilly

Lord Daniel Eugene Dalgliesh is the primary antagonist of the Storm and Silence series. He is Mr Ambrose's biggest rival and the main shareholder of the East India Company.

Early Life

Not much has been explicitly revealed about Lord Dalgliesh's past with the exception that he grew up together with Mr Ambrose as their family estates are close to one another. He is a few years older than Mr Ambrose and when they were younger, they were very close– with Mr Ambrose seeing him as a mentor/elder brother figure. Around a decade prior to the start of Storm and Silence, Lord Dalgliesh sent one of his staff to deliver news to the Ambrose household one night which caused Mr Ambrose and his father to have a violent argument. This resulted in Mr Ambrose leaving his home and family the next morning, cutting off contact with them for years.[1]

It is heavily implied that Lord Dalgliesh caused the Ambroses to fall into financial ruin and once Mr Ambrose left home, Lord Dalgliesh had assumed that he gotten rid of him. However, once Mr Ambrose started gaining wealth, he started to exact revenge by uniting Lord Dalgliesh’s enemies to rebel against him. Thus, the two began a war of trying to permanently ruin the other through business affairs and in Lord Dalgliesh’s case, through numerous attempted assassinations.[2] Once Mr Ambrose returned back to London from America, Lord Dalgliesh returned back as well from India.

Throughout the Series

Physical Appearance

Lord Dalgliesh has a lean and tall build, with longer, wavy golden blond hair, aquiline nose and intense steel-blue eyes. Reflective of his aristocratic English background, he has an elegant, cultured voice and smooth hands that prove he has never done manual labour.





  • The author has stated that if Lord Dalgliesh were to die at the end of the series, it would be in ‘a gloriously dramatic manner which will immortalise you forever in the annals of literature’ in response to the fan-made character's Twitter account.[3]



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