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Now off with you, and don't bother me again unless the house burns down. I'm a busy man!

–Uncle Bufford to his niece, In the Eye of the Storm

Bufford Jefferson Brank is Lilly's uncle. He is married to Hester Brank. He is known to stay in his study, keeping to himself and his money— not wanting to be disturbed by others' presence and chitchat.

Early Life

Not much is known about besides Uncle Bufford's history besides that he is a businessman by profession and that he married Hester Brank out of obligation to have children one day to take over his business. He ended up having no biological children of his own but took in his sister's six daughters into his home after her and her husband died. Ever since then, he became reclusive, choosing not to leave his study.[1]

Throughout the Series

In the Eye of the Storm

When Lilly returned from her impromptu trip to France, her aunt promptly sent her to her uncle's study as punishment.

Physical Appearance

Uncle Bufford is described as an old man with a gnarled face, having a bald head covered by brown age marks, a wrinkled forehead, and a big, white beard. He has deep-set eyes with broad, bushy eyebrows and a large aquiline nose. He is stated to have a bulky figure, wearing a cheap tailcoat of a dirty grey-black colour. [2]


Uncle Bufford is noted for his stinginess, taciturnity and impatience. He chooses to isolate himself in his study all the time, conducting matters of business and taking his meals there, shortly after his sister and brother-in-law died and his six nieces moved into his residence.His love for money extends to the extent of having his room only lit with one candle to cut costs and hoards an abundance of gold coins within, scattered throughout. However at times, he does show a softer and caring side, noticeably towards his second-youngest niece, Lilly.


Lilly Linton

You know whole life I've had to deal with people badgering me to give them my money. But I believe you're the first one to ask to receive less of it than they're already getting.

–Uncle Bufford to Lilly, In the Eye of the Storm

Growing up, Lilly had not interacted with her uncle very often, recalling only a total of three times that he had talked to her and her sisters. As a young child, she was also scared of him as she was spanked as punishment whenever she used to peek into his study. However, when she was sent to him as punishment for leaving the house for a week, their relationship began to soften considerably when she requested to not give her an allowance anymore. The next time she went to visit his study before leaving to South America, he expressed concern for her safety. Out of all her siblings, he seems to have a soft spot for her, knowing her headstrong personality and accepting her desire for freedom. He is shown to be protective of her, even telling Mr Ambrose that she is precious to him when they seek his blessing to marry.

Hester Brank

Aunt Brank: "Husband!"
Uncle Bufford: "Do you have to remind me, woman? It’s painful enough every day when I see that ring on my finger."
Hunting for Silence


Rikkard Ambrose

Your husband-to-be is indeed suprisingly economical. So economical, in fact that the servants tells, they've emptied the forests of all rabbits, deer, and other edibles to fill their bellies during the last few years.

– Uncle Bufford to Lilly, Storm of Bells